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Hi, I'm Alecia!

I am so glad you're here! 

I am a wife, mother of three boys (two human, one fur baby), nurse, nutrition coach, and CrossFit enthusiast. My love for all things nutrition started as a teenager, when I tried every fad diet out there without the results I was seeking. It was not until I found my own nutrition coach that I learned the importance of properly fueling your body based on individual needs. I have been consistently tracking macronutrients for more than 5 years and during this time I have been through two pregnancies and two postpartum periods.
After working in the hospital setting for ten years I finally decided that I wanted to truly make a difference in people's lives BEFORE they found themselves lying in a hospital bed wondering what their next steps would be. I truly believe that disease and illness can be decreased substantially through proper nutrition and exercise. There is an overwhelming amount of nutrition information available to us, it becomes difficult to decide where to begin. I am here to help you understand the basics of nutrition so you can distinguish fact from fad and create a sustainable healthy lifestyle you can enjoy. If you are interested in working with me to become the best version of you, use the contact box below to get started. 

-Bachelors of Science in Nursing 

-Precision Nutrition L-1 

At Frontline Nutrition we want you to live free from pain, chronic disease and be as functionally fit as possible. 

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